Why Point-Sparring is Beneficial for Your Child

Why Point-Sparring is Beneficial for Your Child

Point Sparring & It's Benefits on Kids

Here at Master Na Martial Arts, we are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our program. Our goal is to bring as much benefit & success to our student's lives as possible.

Let's explore the impact of Point-Sparring on our student's Taekwondo journey, going beyond the surface to understand why it's an integral part of our training.

What is Point-Sparring?

Taekwondo point sparring, also known as kyorugi, is a competitive aspect of Taekwondo where two competitors face each other in a controlled environment to score points by landing kicks or punches on designated areas of their opponent's body. The objective is to accumulate points through clean and well-executed techniques within a specified time frame.


What equipment do Point-Sparring
competitors wear?

Point-Sparring competitors in Taekwondo wear specific protective gear to ensure their safety while allowing for effective and controlled competition. The standard equipment includes:

1. Headgear & Facemask: Competitors wear padded headgear & facemasks to protect the head and face from direct impacts. The headgear usually covers the top, sides, and back of the head while leaving the face open for visibility.

2. Gloves: Hand protection is provided by padded gloves that cover the hands and fingers. These gloves help minimize the risk of hand injuries during sparring.

3. Mouthguard: To protect the teeth and mouth, competitors wear a mouthguard. This helps absorb the impact of blows to the face and reduces the risk of dental injuries.

4. Foot Protectors: Foot protectors, also known as instep guards or socks, are worn over the feet to safeguard them during kicks. They usually cover the top of the foot and extend up the shin.

Information for Supportive Parents
Key Benefits of Point-Sparring

Did you know that Point-Sparring provides the following benefits?

1. Increased Precision in Reflexes and Timing: Point-Sparring is crucial for refining reflexes and timing. The fast-paced nature of sparring demands quick reactions, enhancing students precision in executing techniques.

2. Practical Application of Techniques: In Point-Sparring, students practice the use of practical application. It serves as a real-time testing ground where the techniques students learn become relevant and effective.

3. Strategic Thinking in Action: This aspect of training sharpens strategic thinking and decision-making. Analyzing an opponent's moves and creating an effective strategy becomes an essential skill, contributing not only to success in sparring but also to a more strategic mindset in daily life.

4. Confidence Building and Resilience: Success in Point-Sparring is a confidence booster. Simultaneously, facing challenges in a controlled environment cultivates resilience and mental toughness, preparing individuals for adversities both within and outside the dojang.

5. Upholding Values of Sportsmanship: Point-Sparring places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and respect. Beyond the technicalities, it encourages controlled movements, self-discipline, and treating sparring partners with courtesy, fostering a culture of respect within our Taekwondo community.


Final Thoughts

Point-Sparring is a fun experience for all students—an exploration of precision, strategy, and character development. It equips our students not only with the technical prowess to land effective kicks but also with the life skills needed to navigate challenges beyond the training mat. 


Thank you for reading this article by Master Na Martial Arts. We hope you found it beneficial in providing a sufficient understanding of Point-Sparring. See you in class!

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